A Friend of Forest Bridges is someone who supports the goals and direction outlined in the Principles of Agreement and the management proposals on the Forest Bridges website. Lots of Friends demonstrates to policy-makers, O&C Lands managers (e.g., BLM & USFS), and supporters of Forest Bridges the relevance of our collaboration and its proposals. Please join our growing and inclusive list of Friends. (While Forest Bridges does not ask Friends for financial support, donations are welcome to help fund our operational and program costs.)

What does it mean to become a Friend of the Forest Bridges Project?

A Friend of Forest Bridges is someone who can support our Principles of Agreement and our collaborative efforts to further develop and advance them. The Principles of Agreement (PoAs) are designed to comprehensively address issues to enhance to O&C lands management, as well as to address legal, regulatory and financial barriers. Friends receive our periodic newsletter and are invited into public engagement through learning and listening events.

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Help us shift the decades-old, untenable management gridlock on the O&C Lands of western Oregon to a new paradigm.

As together we strive to build a politically plausible framework to ensure our O&C Lands are managed for a sustainable path forward, your investment in Forest Bridges is vital.

Forest Bridges endeavors to balance donations from community, the Tribes, conservation and recreation on the one hand, and the forest industry and counties on the other. We highly value every contribution.

By making a tax-deductible donation to Forest Bridges, you are helping us advance our mission of bringing people together to foster sustainable forest health and habitats through active management and restoration solutions for western Oregon's O&C Lands. 

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We can use your time and passion. If you share our vision of healthy forest habitats, inquire about how you can join the Forest Bridges team as staff or volunteer.

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