Governance Policies of Forest Bridges

Decision Making, Diversity Equity Inclusion, Donations, Conflicts of Interest

Decision Making

Decisions of Forest Bridges are made collaboratively and with the full support of the Board of Directors. A quorum of the Board of Directors (a majority) can conduct business at any given meeting, but decisions are also subject to full Board collaboration. Decision of Forest Bridges may be subject to reconsideration by members who were not present when the business was conducted. This is not a time-efficient process, but an inclusive one. The Board will decide how to move forward in each case, after hearing from all viewpoints, with a priority of keeping stakeholders engaged and building trust and mutual respect among Board members. As part of the collaborative process, every Board member should be heard and not feel disenfranchised.

FOREST BRIDGES Framework will create opportunities on many fronts: the BLM workforce itself, contract forest workers in the woods (jobs include forest restoration, logging, silviculture), and long-term monitoring under the lead of FOREST BRIDGES. In addition to the BLM and the University Research, Forest Bridges is exploring the use of secondary school and college level educational institutions (science and research classes) in collecting, compiling, and analyzing monitoring data. We are also developing a forest patrol program that would rely on retired law enforcement and veterans to increase woods surveillance and create owner comfort for greater public access.


This is under construction.


Forest Bridges is a Public Charity, and contributions from a diversity of sources is welcomed and encouraged, including individuals, private industry and various charitable foundations and donor-advised funds. Contributions are made to support the collaborative, inclusive process of creating the elements of the Forest Bridges framework for BLM lands management, rather than any particular outcome.

Although a contributor may express interest and even potentially become a member of the Board, seats on the Board are not for sale and the decision to add a new member shall be made by the existing Board with equity and to broaden diversity and inclusiveness.

There is no direct or implied commitment to the wishes of any contributor as a result of the size of a particular donation. Policy is developed through Board collaboration and adherence to, or refinement of, Forest Bridges principles, independent of donations. Donors are free to express opinions on the direction Forest Bridges is taking, as is true for any stakeholder.

While certain Board members may share a donor’s viewpoint, Board members act based on their own judgement as part of Forest Bridges, and independent of the views of particular contributors.


Conflicts of Interest

Board Members agree with and adhere to the Conflict of Interest Policy, which is part of Forest Bridges By-laws.  Forest Bridges policy follows Federal guidelines for such policies.  It is Available on request.